Senin, 21 Februari 2011

Indonesian Culture: “Harjuna Wijaya” Bedhaya Dance, Level of Human Perfection

Indonesian Culture – Scared, quiet and magical covered Bangsal Kencono. When the gamelan hitter playing slowly “Gending Ladrang Prabu Anom”, where accompanied the nine princes dancer who walked into the Bangsal Kencono wings no less then slow.  In the swaying of the dancers began to crouch into position to worship, respect the human symbol of God as Creator and make jengkeng worship to Sultan as the palace ruler.

History Of Karapan sapi, Tradition, Party, and Prestige Of Maduraness People's

For the Maduranesh people, karapan sapi (bull Race) is not just a people celebrations party  that  held every year. Karapan sapi is not also just a heritage tradition of one generation to the next generation. Karapan sapi  is a the pride prestige that will raise the dignity in societies of maduranesh.
The origin history of the Kerapan sapi  no one knows exactly, but according to sources who passed orally from generation to generation is known that Kerapan sapi was popularized by Pangeran (Prince)  Katandur  from Sapudi island of Sumenep city  during the 13th century.

Originated from the willness to use  cows to working  working on rice fields. perseverance stems from how to plow the work of the cow in processing the rice field soil, really succes it worked and the barren land was became into fertile soil.